Gassmann + Partner AG
Gassmann + Partner AG
Realty tenants
Realty owners
Gassmann + Partner offers realty owners and investors comprehensive real estate consulting and represents their interests in the following areas:

Commercialization of commercial properties and apartment buildings
Our main objective is to achieve optimal utilization of new or existing property. This service generally includes the following activities and can be combined with other services:

Conducting market and profitability analyses
Developing and implementing utilization concepts
Advising and coordinating reconstruction works
Setting up and implementing concepts for letting the property

Purchase and sale
This includes comprehensive consulting in relation to purchase and sale of properties and generally includes the following modules:

Definition of purchase or sales strategy
Conducting the transaction
Preparation and/or evaluation of sales contracts

Management of commercial properties
This includes both the technical and the administrative management of properties as well as active support in real estate related questions.

The consulting team of Gassmann + Partner takes over short-term projects that require a high level of flexibility and creativity and a short response time. Some examples of such troubleshooting activities are:

Bridging short-term manpower shortage
Advice in case of bankruptcy and liquidation
Reorganization of management mandates of third parties
Preparation and/or evaluation of sales contracts

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Gassmann + Partner AG
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